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Ok, so you’ve experienced your best vision in the chair at the office, now you need to know how you can see like that all the time: Well it depends on what was prescribed: at 4Sight iCare we typically prescribe up to 4 types of correction:


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Glasses, Sunglasses and sports goggles – you can browse some of our inventory online simply by clicking here:

Contact Lenses or Vision Shaping Retainers – you can order/re-order your disposable contact lenses and have them conveniently shipped (and billed) quarterly or semi-annually here:

Macular Pigment or Dry Eye Supplements – if vitamins were recommended to increase performance, protect against eye disease, or treat an ocular condition; you can order the prescribed supplements here:

Sports Vision Training – once evaluated for performance vision, 4Sight iCare may find that your peripheral awareness, visual processing, eye teamwork and coordination, and/or reaction time may be improved through doctor directed eye exercises, a diet focused on eye health, and continued evaluation. Click here to request an appointment for sports vision evaluation: