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Sports Vision Training

Sports Vision starts with a dedication to improving visual performance

Sports Doctor Radio, part 1

Sports Doctor Radio, part 2

King-Devick Concussion Baseline Test:

Repeated injury is the real danger, and this screening test makes the decision to play or stay on the sideline.

FREE Sports Vision Assessment:

Ask how our doctor can use portable technology at your next practice or meeting to provide a complementary sports vision assessment for your team?

M&S Sports Performance Vision


MVP (Maximum Vision Potential):

Macular pigment testing, contrast sensitivity with and without glare, and consultation of dietary habits to make recommendations for improvement.

4Sight iCare advances performance through technology.

Maculare Pigment Score

M&S Vision 20/20 with Glare and Contrast

Fit Light Trainer


Individualized Sports Vision Training:

Ten minute assessment of status followed by fifty or twenty minutes of Individualized, sport (and position) specific exercises designed to improve an area of visual processing. (Discounts available for group sessions). Homework to be assigned.

Training involves measurements, exercises for the eyes and mind, counseling to improve macular pigment consumption, and re-measure to monitor improvement:

Multiple measurements beyond a normal eye exam:

Snellen acuity to 20/10 with wavefront optimized analysis, contrast sensitivity with and without glare, dynamic acuity, stereoscopic depth perception, phoric eye posture, macular pigment, visual processing speed, hand/foot-eye coordination, reaction time, and multiple object tracking. A consultation with the doctor reviews the results of tests and provides opportunity for the athlete to place emphasis on an area of focus.

A personalized plan is developed by the doctor complete with vision correction if needed, home exercises, in office focus and eye movement exercises, reaction time practice, neural processing exercises of visual information, dietary consultation, and multiple object tracking skills developed at the office.

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