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4 Reasons to BOOK your family’s 4Sight iCare appointments BEFORE Dec. 31st!

ACT NOW!  You only have a short window remaining in 2017 to take advantage of all that is offered at 4Sight iCare.

4 Reasons to BOOK TODAY:

  1. WHY NOW for Wellness Vision Exams?  There are a handful of reasons why you want to act before the 31st, but the two most important are use of your FLEX DOLLARS or HEALTH SAVINGS account that may expire and be lost by the time 2018 roles around.  Check with your Human Resource Dept. or just CALL US at 815-6760-4474: we are a provider for several vision plans and can look you up in as little as 1 minute.  AND if you act with a giving spirit at this time of year, you’ll earn an extra $40 toward your glasses! Just bring 4 food pantry donations for Loaves & Fishes and the doctor will pay $40 of your total (even with insurance)!
  2. WHY NOW for Medical Eye Exams?  If you are like most Americans you have a medical plan that has a high deductible.  Most people don’t associate their annual eye exam with their medical insurance, but if the reason for visit is medical in nature, BECAUSE WE ARE A MEDICAL EYE CARE PROVIDER, we will bill your visit to the Medical Insurance.  And if you have met your deductible or have a pressing reason for the medical eye care (AKA a doctor has told you that it is important), then you ought to GET IT DONE NOW!  Both because this is best for your eye health, and because the deductible will reset in the new year.
  3. WHY NOW for Ocular Nutrition and Sports Vision Training?  Winter time is the off season for several sports.  The best time to train any muscle whether it’s your arms, legs, eyes or brain is during the months you aren’t in the middle of your season.  Of course, you ought to keep things sharp during the season, but less intense than the training you do in the off-season.  If you want your 20 visual skills sharp for spring, get your training started ASAP.  Every comprehensive eye exam is followed by an optional complimentary sports vision training session when recommended by the doctor based on findings from your exam.
  4. WHY 4Sight iCare? We are proud to be doctor owned & operated; the care is based on your eyes’ needs in addition to creating fashionable glasses; we provide other services like medical screenings; if someone plays sports it just makes sense for them to see the ONLY LOCAL Sports Vision Doctor…

Schedule an appointment NOW, so we can see you in the next couple of weeks before the end of 2017.   If you can’t make it before the end of the year, there’s a solution for that: just invest in gift certificates (limit up to 4 at time of redemption) for $40 less than their face value when purchased in 2017 to be redeemed in 2018!  Yes, that’s right, you buy them now for $100 to put toward your 2018 purchase or slip into a Christmas card or stocking of someone you know will benefit from new specs and the value will be $140 in 2018!  Act fast, these certificates are being sold for just $100 in limited quantity; when they are gone they are GONE!